The future is BOLD

CAMAL® presents its vision of an electric sports motorcycle


CAMAL® Design Centre set up in 2008 by Alessandro Camorali unveils its personal interpretation of an electric
motorcycle. The young creative team have imagined a future on two wheels with new technologies resulting in a
concept which represents a new way forward in design.

The BOLD project is not just a virtual exercise but also represents the beginning of a new collaboration
between a number of “Made in Italy” partners. TACITA provides the motorcycles heart which is designed to elevate
it to a true performance platform.

The signature seat is made with  ALCANTARA®, a highly advanced material the result of a unique technology able to
guarantee outstanding aesthetic, technical and sensory performance.

The batteries and power train replace the traditional internal combustion engine used for over one hundred years
of motorcycling, enabling a renewed expression of architecture and design. The form and volumes are reduced and
weight is in direct relation to performance and is never a compromise. With these new conceptual design ideas
CAMAL’s Bold project suggests a new direction in design.

The Frame

CAMAL® used the settings, chassis and standard components derived from a BMW.
Dimensions: length 2.056 mm, width 826 mm and height of 1.160 mm (floor seat height 900 mm) makes it compact in
all views including overall footprint.

The chassis consists of a reversed fork with Ø 46 mm, three Brembo disc brakes (two frontal with Ø 320 mm and
one rear with Ø 220 mm) and to the rear a double fork forged in aluminum with hydraulic shock absorber.

BOLD has forged aluminium wheels and radial tubeless tires: Front 120/70 ZR 17 on rims with 3.5″ channel
and rear 190/55 ZR 17 on rims with 6.0″ channel. The drivetrain is chain driven.

The Engine

The BOLD concept is powered by an all-Italian heart, the 5-speed power train with motor milled
from a solid block and liquid-cooled (as well as the controller). The batteries are from TACITA Srl, a renowned
manufacturer of motorcycles and electric powertrains dedicated to the two wheeled vehicles, known and appreciated
throughout the world for their products designed and manufactured in-house.

The motor outputs 100hp with a torque of 156 N/m at 9,000 rpm, unimaginable for a standard motorcycle.
The electric motor allows acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds. The forward positioning of the
batteries maintain the balance of the bike allowing it to remain flat through acceleration.

The Batteries

Located in the chassis in place of the usual internal combustion engine the 10.6 kWh battery pack made
from the latest generation lithium polymer (battery life: 4000 charging cycles) which combines a range of 100KM
with the speeds expected of a sports motorcycle.

As with all TACITA motorcycles the bike can be charged at home.

The integrated on board battery charger with Fast Charge CCS Combo Socket (European standard) enables the bike to
be 80% charged within just 30 minutes.


The name BOLD prescribes a way of being.

The young creative team of CAMAL® have worked hard to ensure every detail of the BOLD motorcycle is
aesthetically perfect right down to the logo with its iconic graphic.

The initial concept was for a single compact volume split into two. The top half of the motorcycle, made of
polished aluminium, and no longer needing to house a fuel tank has become a slimmer more aerodynamic
volume between rider and vehicle.

The lower half treated with a textured paint in contrast to the polished aluminium of the top half encloses the
battery and motor. Two side gills break the continuity of the exterior body to provide internal cooling for the

The front volume, created entirely of plexiglass, is inspired by the aerodynamic profiles of classic
motorcycles but has a lighter feel due to its transparency. Race influenced carbon fibre airfoils sit between
this plexiglass fairing and the body of the bike and also form the platform for the bike’s indicators. The
Alcantara® seat is indicative of BOLD’s character and is perfect for the modern bike of today.

Alcantara® and CAMAL® have worked closely together to design and develop this aesthetically pleasing yet practical
solution even creating a new variant of the standard anthracite colour.

The rear incorporates another plexiglass volume which forms the bike’s truncated tail and houses the rear lighting.

In short, BOLD is a sports motorcycle which through the innovative use of new materials and technologies enables
a realisable new design philosophy more akin to a concept vehicle.


more images of BOLD here:   CAMAL Bold – HD Images


More info about CAMAL® studio on:

Adress: CAMAL S.r.l., Via Asti 40, 10131 Torino (Italia)

Tel: +39 011 19719955




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