AZNOM SERPAS, the return to the past according to CAMAL style

SerpaS is the latest sport car created by CAMAL design center for AZNOM and represents the new generation of the Torinese coachbuilder.



Founded in 2008 by Alessandro Camorali whose career intertwined with notable brands and sources of Italian auto mobile design CAMAL S.r.l. boasts a young team of designers and virtual modellers focused on special projects and unique cars, and adept at responding to every request from today’s clients.

The SerpaS project was commissioned by AZNOM S.r.l. of Monza, well known for the customization of special cars and creation of luxury accessories, to find a new interpretation of style into a radical vehicle with a nostalgic appeal to the techniques and workmanship of the past.

The handcrafted aluminum body, the reduced height and the lack of roof and windscreen make clear the reference to the racing and to the world of “Gentleman drivers” in the golden age of racetrack.

The concept was born from the idea of having an extremely low and ground pushed body, so the style is focused on the side line that runs almost horizontal to the ground and divides the height of the car in half, highlighting the intersections of fenders at the same moment. Forced in proporti

on the wheel arches and the fenders seem oversized, almost caricatured, making possible a dynamic and sinuous movement to the whole car body. The front, with the iconic shape of optical groups and fenders, remember the figure of a snake about to attack. The top view highlights the harmony of forms through the lights and shadows created by soft volumes broken with hard lines. The tail, truncated like race car, defines the rear light in a horizontal line.

The SerpaS ( in Torinese dialect il Serpas = the Snake) is a small size sport car based on a tubular frame reinforced with carbon fiber panels. The engine is an 8 cylinders form a 72-degree V-shaped angle and a displacement of 2600cm³ mounted in a central longitudinal position to optimize weight distribution. The maximum power is 363CV at 10300 rpm and a maximum torque of 276.5 NM.

Its dimensions are: length 4079mm, width 1763mm with a height including 1025mm roll bar. The wheelbase measures like origin car 2400mm while its height from the ground is 70mm. The height of the car body, excluding the roll bar is only 780mm.

The expected weight will be around 900kg, which combined with engine power will ensure true supercar performance.

The project was born with the aim of creating a fully electric propulsion version to bring the vehicle into the future. Initially the car will be proposed with conventional propulsion by 2020 it will be possible to buy it in its extreme and clean version, thanks to a network of companies leader in the sector for a long time and that will push the light car to over 200hp of power with different autonomies depending of customer requests.

The interior trim is designed and crafted by Aznom, proposing a modern interpretation of the vintage italian cars that rise up the Made in Italy worldwide. Few elements in fine leather and carbon fiber define the essential form typical of vintage vehicles.

Without a rigid roof and windscreen, it has a deflector in front of the cockpit like vintage racing cars. Due to its reduced height it does not have doors but you can comfortably climb over the side of the car.

Each interior, as well as the exterior body, will be customized according to client preferences, creating a tailored work that will make each vehicle unique and personal.

The external body is hammered handmade aluminum, thanks to the collaboration of one of the few masters still in business, according to typical methods of classic constructions. Each car will be unique and highly crafted in every details.

Extremely technical components made of carbon fiber alternate with the craftsmanship of the bodywork. In particular, the front splitter, the rear diffuser and the engine bonnet will be made with this material

The purchase of the car will also include an “Experience” package that will give access to guided tours in the workshop during the creation process of the own car and a driving courses on the track at the Monza circuit.

The SerpaS will bring the customer back to the center of the project and the car to become a unique and handmade object of art.


You can find more pictures of SERPAS at this link:  SERPAS – HD Images



You can find more information about CAMAL at:

Contact information:      CAMAL S.r.l., Via Asti 40, 10131 Turin (Italy)

                                                                      Phone: +39 011 19719955




You can find more information about AZNOM at:


Contact information:      AZNOM S.r.l., Via Azzone Visconti 43, 20900 Monza (Italy)

                                                                       Phone: +39 039 471721




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